The Women’s Housing Company (WHC) seeks opportunities to increase and enhance our property portfolio to meet the demand for affordable, secure and well-located accommodation for women.

We have a particular focus on housing that is well designed and suited for women of all ages. Properties that incorporate universal design principles allow women to age in place, promoting the notion of a home for life. With security features such as intercoms, strategically placed common areas, well located external lighting and good visibility, so tenants can feel safe in their homes. Access to open space, community gardens, courtyards and communal spaces are important to encourage connection and well-being.

Where does the WHC operate?
The WHC operates across Sydney, the Hunter Region and Coffs Harbour. We manage almost 1,100 properties in 26 local government areas (LGAs).


Housing in Woolloomooloo For Older Women
Opened in late 2017, the Woolloomooloo Older Women’s Housing Hub was built by the NSW Land and Housing Corporation, providing 20 universally designed units for older women to age in place. The design and security elements balance tenants’ privacy with opportunities for connection with neighbours, enhancing community cohesiveness and personal wellbeing.

Pendle Hill Older Women’s Project
In February 2020, the WHC celebrated the official opening of the Pendle Hill Older Women’s Housing Project. This new  development provides housing for 22 women aged 55 and over.  

In October 2020, the WHC purchased two blocks of units to provide social and affordable housing for women. There are sixteen units in total for older women, women with children and key workers.