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Tenant Satisfaction Survey Results 2020

In Category - NewsDate - 08/07/2020

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Tenant Satisfaction Survey 2020. Your valuable feedback is shaping our operations.

We’re pleased to report that overall satisfaction with housing services delivered by the Women’s Housing Company is well above the threshold set by the NSW Registrar of Community Housing. Overall satisfaction with the condition of home also exceeds the Registrar’s requirement, and overall satisfaction with repairs and maintenance service is just below. 

As the repairs and maintenance service is a priority for tenants and we have made significant improvements in our processes over the past 12 months, we are keen to gather more insight on how to best improve service delivery in this important area. We will be holding a Repairs and Maintenance focus group once Covid-19 restrictions are further eased and face-to-face activities resume. In the meantime, if you have specific ideas that could improve our services, please call or email us.

Handling complaints is another area where you told us that we can make improvements. As a result, we have recently adjusted our systems and process and re-trained our staff to enhance our recording, tracking and managing of complaints. We hope you notice the difference.

It was good to see work we have put into communication has paid off, with more tenants feeling confident about how to make a complaint and lodge an appeal. We will continue to improve communication, so you are better informed and know what to expect from tenancy procedures.