Older Women

Older women are a significant group having trouble with meeting their housing needs. The Women’s Housing Company has a particular focus on older women, including housing that is targeted for women aged 55 years and over.

As at 30 June 2018, 63% of Women’s Housing Company tenants were women aged 55 years and over:

       - 22% were aged 55 to 64

       - 21% were aged 65 to 74

       - 20% were aged 75 years and over, with a number of tenants in their 90s.

We also have a focus on services and programs to support older women in social housing to stay connected with their local community, access services and live comfortably in their home as they get older. Some examples include:

Women Staying Well in Social Housing

An initiative of the Women’s Housing Company, with funding from the NSW Department of Communities and Justice, to assist single women living in social housing who are aged 55 years and over to remain well, connected and able to age in place. Stage 1 is complete and included co-design workshops and consultations with over 40 tenants, as well as tenancy and asset management staff. An expert round table comprising representatives from government, aged care and health providers, social housing and carer representatives provided important input to this initiative.

Older Women’s Studio Development Project

A co-design project to inform design guidelines suitable to the housing needs of single homeless older women. The Sydney Women’s Homelessness Alliance -which included the Women’s Housing Company- commissioned the report - released in December 2016.

A Plan for Change: Homes for Older Women

A series of initiatives to help older women to be able to live in homes that are safe, secure and affordable. A group of non-government agencies, including the Women's Housing Company, concerned about the increase in older women's homelessness, developed the plan - released in February 2016.